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Vital component of the virtual experience of members is both the group studio and the audiovisual system, which must create a shocking experience. Invest in the best possible result and you will be rewarded

Studio Size
It would be ideal for each member to have space available, 4 square meters. If the room is in length-width ratios, 10-6 meters and 3-5 meters high, then your members will have an unforgettable experience.

Darkness of the Studio
Certainly the decoration and lighting will create a unique atmosphere. Remember, however, that for ClassVirtual the lighting should be as low as possible. If possible, the room should be dark, so that the images on the screen are clearly visible. Exclude the window light with a black curtain to optimize the view, create an atmosphere to attract new members. If you use your studio for both live and virtual classes, think about how to do it smoothly by switching from one to the other.

Finally, it is good to use the "dead" space to store your equipment (bars - step - mattresses, etc.). Keep in mind that storing equipment (eg bars) in many places helps to make the room quicker and faster to switch from one hour to the next.

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