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Log in to the management panel, at the middle top of your screen, you'll see the "Users" menu. By entering this menu, you will find all the available users, created by the system. The system allows you to edit username and password of each uswer, by clicking the pencil mark. We are suggesting renaming each user according to the names of the studios you will apply ClassVirtual.

Every user reflects a weekly Schedule of a single studio. The credentials of each user, will be used loggin in the studio computer (player). That way you will be able manage the content you are projecting.

Before you design a weekly Schedule , please make sure that you choose the correspoding user.

The system will provide as a number of users, according the subscription your company choose:

  • Basic Programs: 1 User
  • Specific programs: 1 User
  • Bikes: 1 User
  • Bundles: Sum of users as above.
Caution: You can use every user, concurrently, only once. In case you use the user of a studio concurrently on a second studio, you will disconnect the previous one.

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